About us

In the summer 2010, we opened a chocolate parlour in Hradec Králové – Jordi’s Chocolate. Working hard and educating ourselves and our customers about real chocolate, we managed to build a small chocolate factory at the beginning of 2012, becoming the first bean-to-bar producer in the Czech Republic. In the interwar years, Czechoslovakia was a chocolate giant. Around 12 thousand tons of cocoa beans were brought in to the country every year. We have thus restored the old times, offering you chocolate created with love and care in Bohemia, the very heart of Europe.

Our chocolate making philosophy goes against the current flow. Most craft chocolate producers put the emphasis on the region, country or even farm origin, thus putting the main ingredient before the process. In such an environment it‘s difficult to make your own impression as a chocolate maker. Chocolate making skills are secondary here and whoever finds the most obscure source of cocoa beans is king. We believe that what sets us apart is the unique ability of our team, lead by Jiri, to make exceptional chocolate by blending various cocoas to achieve the taste we like rather than to subordiante everything to making the bean speak for itself. We therefore buy cocoa not on the basis of its geographical uniqueness but on the basis of its blendability or, if you will, ability to make the right kind of contribution to our chosen process.