Chocolate with bell peppers and chili peanuts

Chocolate with bell peppers and chili peanuts


Let us present you with something truly fiery this year. We've had Czech red bell peppers (capsicum) freeze-dried, and collaborated with our friends at to season roasted peanuts (crunchy) with Trinidad Scorpion Moruga spices. We ground the bell peppers into white chocolate, creating a beautifully red and intensely peppery chocolate. We poured a layer of dark chocolate 77% into molds, loaded them with fiery peanuts, and then covered them with the bell pepper chocolate layer.

This chocolate is not for children, only for the truly mischievous ones (those who set fire to haystacks, robbed grandma, etc. :-D).


  •  Chocolate [cocoa beans, cocoa butter, dried milk, cane sugar, dried bell pepper (4%)] Topping: chili peanuts 20% (peanuts, salt, vegetable oil, chili)

Cocoa solids content at least: 50%.

May contain traces of hazelnuts and almonds.

Store in a dry place at a temperature below 25°C.