Milk Chocolate with Raspberries

Milk Chocolate with Raspberries


Try the unique combination of chocolate, hops, and malt. These chocolates were created in collaboration with our friends from Clock Brewery. Their task was to select beers that we could fine-tune the chocolates to complement their flavor, allowing you to enjoy them together.

Nina is a light and refreshing beer with a tart raspberry flavor and aroma. Therefore, we chose 53% milk chocolate, infused it with hops and malt, and sprinkled it with dried raspberries. The result is a delicate chocolate with the fruity acidity shining through. To finish, you'll be surprised by the mild bitterness of the hops.


chocolate (cocoa butter, milk powder,
cocoa beans, cane sugar, malt, hops), 
topping: raspberries (10 %).
Cocoa solids min.: 53%.
May contain traces of hazelnuts and almonds.
Store in cool and dry place.